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Documenting. Capturing and sharing. To share the beauty, the pain, the triumph, the struggle, the similarities, the differences.

As someone who has lived in various cities in the U.S. and elsewhere, I am always surprised each time I move to a new place how different it is from my last home. I’m talking about the people, the traditions, the behaviors regarding social interaction and the like. How much more is there in this world of ours that I may never be able to experience? I tweet regularly (@sunburstkisses) about hard news, entertainment news, marketing successes and failures, traveling and just quirky things I come upon. Seldom do I write about my personal life. One of the times I did, I referred to myself as a nomad. (This comes from a long back story that’s irrelevant here.) Immediately I got a response from a guy who had just sold everything and decided to become a nomad, beginning his journey in India. How I envy him.

But I digress. The main purpose of this blog is to document my progress in working toward my final documentary project for my video documentary class. It will include both production notes and anecdotes as well as critiques on various documentaries I choose to watch. (Right now I’m hoping “Which Way Home” –about the trials of unaccompanied migrant children– comes out on DVD soon!)

My foremost interest in documentary filmmaking lie with minority cultures around the world. I want to explore their traditions, their languages, their lives and how government impositions, tourism and the elements of the 21st centuries, among other things, are changing or threatening their cultures. I am also interested in environmental issues, particularly with the preservation of the wilderness and natural wonders as well as with endangered animals.

Life is beautiful in the grandest and most minute ways. Here’s to documenting life in its every brillance and sharing the beauty of the world and its people.