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I guess dark spaces and icky insects don’t really appeal to me. I sat down to watch a few more episodes of “Planet Earth,” starting with “Caves.” Perhaps it was the darkness of the images that made me bored or the lullaby-like narration that almost lulled me to sleep. Or maybe just the fact that half the time I diverted my eyes so I wouldn’t have to watch the nasty bugs, especially those millions of cockroaches. I’m getting the heebie-jeebies just writing about it. It certainly wasn’t as exciting as watching hunting dogs chase down impala or gasping at the ethereal beauty of Angels Falls.

“Caves” was certainly quite interesting at the beginning. When I saw the people dive down the caves, I literally said, “No way,” and then had to rewind it to watch it again. It seemed so impossible. The visuals reminded me of the part in “Lara Croft: Tomb Raider,” where the little girl by the Cambodian appeared and disappeared, each time with a little giggle that gives me the chills when I think about it. Anyhow, I didn’t even consider that they could’ve been using parachutes and thus freaked out a bit. If the episode could’ve captured my attention in the same way for the rest of the episode with a well-written story arc, it would have been infinitely better. The only thing of substance that I remember being captivating was when the snake was using his “infrared capabilities” to catch his bat dinner.

Well, enough reflecting on caves. I guess it’s no spelunking for me. Time for the “Deserts” episode – I’m excited. This should be epic.

A third of the world is deserts. Wow. I guess I’d always known that in the back of my mind, a remnant of some natural history class, but the way David Attenborough stated it just left me in such awe. It also indicates the versatility and capability of humans to live in various habitats (caves not being one of them).

Call me immature, but those camels’ mating exhibitions are quite, well, sexual.  

Australian’s really that hot? It’s something I’ve not thought about. Oh, and kangaroos have creepy paws.

The desert fox pups are so cute as they play with other creatures. So adorable, just like puppies!

I learned that cacti are really just spiky sponges.

Nubian ibex – the clash of their horns is so disconcerting.

I’ve never seen more comical and adorable lizards. Their little feeding dance leaps are funny.

I guess I expected more epic-ness from the “Deserts” episode simply because I was expecting more on the natural phenomomen of deserts. The dunes, the sudden duststorms, the radicalweather and such. The behind-the-scenes “diary” featurette was much more interesting. “The running rears of camels” LOL.

Oh my, those penguins are delightfully cute. Their sliding and waddling – I just want one! Mr. Popper’s Penguins anyone?

“Ice Worlds” definitely has much better narration, a much more story-like feel to it than “Caves.”

You know, I’d never thought about it before, the fact that Antarctica is an ice world of land surrounded by sea, whereas the Arctic is an ice world of sea surrounded by land.

It’s so sad seeing the polar bear struggle as it crawls out of the water and against the melting ice. Global warming reality check. And he not getting any food and getting hurt and probably dying is so sad.

The most adorable penguin chicks! I repeat my wish for a penguin pet.

It’s incredible how some animals like caribou don’t struggle at all after they’ve been chased down by wolves. Just one bite or clawing and they just kind of lie down and allow themselves to be eaten. Even the pika struggles after the Tibetan fox has it its mouth. I’d never allow myself to be so easily taken down without a fight. 

Okay, I want a pika too. They’re adorable. And probably easier to actually keep as a pet than a penguin. 

“Great Plains” has great drama and the music is very appropriate and fun.

I watched “Jungles” last night with friends. Very late last night. I think I dozed off for a few minutes during it and watched the rest in a post-unlimited sushi food coma so let’s just say it was good. And I never realized that what we think of the deep, deep ocean is really just “Shallow Seas.”

All the library had were the first three discs and I doubt I’ll have much time starting now to watch the rest. I’ll finish up the series when I go home in August. I think my mom will enjoy “Planet Earth” quite a bit.  

Happy Easter.