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Friday, again. Where has the week gone? And the weekend is going to be just as fleeting.

Things are coming together, that is, more together than before, for the documentary. On Monday we went to the athlete’s gym to shoot some verite footage of our subject lifting with his team. It was quite a tiring shoot, mostly because I missed the shuttle up to the gym (they were early and didn’t wait!) and thus had to half-walk, half-jog the two or so miles up in Keds. (I could hear the hatred spewing forth from my feet.) The shooting itself was also somewhat physically exhausting because our cameras are not the kind one can mount on one’s shoulder so despite the two of us switching off every 10-15 minutes, it still made my shoulders stiff. There were also some difficult times as I was often in tight and awkward places where I am to do lots of acrobatic tricks in order to shoot. It’s a good thing I’m flexible.

Shooting the wrestling team lifting was both therapeutic and distracting to me. It reminded me of my days on crew, of the memories of camaraderie in The Pain Cave, of the burning sensations during circuits…but also of my permanent injury that has severed me from that world.

But I digress. I was quite pleased with our footage considering it was our first time shooting verite. We had plenty of steady, well-exposure shots. Focus, however, continues to be somewhat a problem with this camera despite our constant push-autos and manual adjustments.

Between Monday evening and Thursday morning, we worked to put a rough story arc together. I struggled a lot more with this story arc than previous ones, mainly because I’m used to putting together stories after I’ve already interviewed all of my subjects and in this case, we have yet to talk to everyone we need to talk to. I’m hoping that once we talk to the coaches and teammates we’ll get a better idea of where this story is going. Right now it’s like a rough diamond that has yet to be cut.

We’re in the process of setting up interviews with the coaches for early next week (hopefully Monday). Because of NCAA regulations, we have to go through lots of personnel to reach these coaches and teammates and so we have yet to hear back about the teammates. I don’t foresee any issue with getting interviews with the teammates though. (Knock on wood.) As of right now, we also have permission to attend and film the wrestling banquet. It’s still up in the air as to whether or not we will have to pay like everyone else. I really hope we don’t have to pay. We don’t have to eat or anything. Just let us be there and film and talk to some people and we’ll be happy. Based on my past swim and crew banquets, I’m already envisioning the possible b-roll footage from that night. Oh, and this weekend at least one member of the team is going to be going to a wrestling match to shoot some generic wrestling footage to be used artistically in our film. It’s going to be the first shoot I won’t be at. I feel both kind of bad for not being able to go because of prior obligations and nervous because I won’t be there.

That is all for now as for what’s coming up in the next week. But notice how I’ve used the word “we” so many times in this post. Yes, finally, there seems to be work from everyone. I don’t know if the peer reviews gave the right person a nudge or two, but now I can finally say “we” without lying!