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Maybe I recant my comments from last week. Looks like I have to start lying again. Well, really, I guess it’s not that I have to lie, it’s that the core of the issue ever went away. You just can’t make anyone care or change their work ethic. (Although pertaining to the former I don’t know why anyone who didn’t care would choose to take a documentary class.) I’m past trying to instill some indication of investment. Nevermore, Lenore, nevermore.

Anyhow, shooting is picking up with the documentary. We shot another interview on Tuesday and due to both a better location as well as more experience, things went much smoother. While we got a lot of great sound bytes as far as content goes from this coach, I don’t know how much we are going to use simply because he’s not the most articulate guy and rather long-winded. We have an interview set up with the other coach next Tuesday and he’s a much more articulate person. We’re shooting tomorrow with our subject’s training partner and then our biggest and most important day as far as b-roll goes will be on Sunday. We’ll be driving to a neighboring city to film the wrestling banquet, where hopefully an abundance of varied, well-shot and useable b-roll as well as verite interviews with our subject and other attendees who are close to him. I’m also hoping we can get some b-roll footage sometime during next week where it’s just our subject outside the wrestling room. While most of his life is consumed by wrestling and most of his friends are from wrestling, I still think footage of him outside that wrestling mindset would help paint a more encompassing and clearer portrait.

Regarding the story arc, it’s definitely coming along. It’s got the essential aspects of the story but requires more facets. So far it’s just a little bit difficult to smooth out some of the kinks simply because we still need to talk to a few key people. We’ll be working on it more on Sunday and Monday night after we’ve got another interview plus the bulk of our non-archival footage and I’m excited to see how it’ll turn out. By this time next week, we should have a relatively finalized story arc and then it’ll just mostly be refining it and shooting and reshooting whatever we need to and adding in the post-production edits and effects. Sometime before then we’ll most likely set up another sit-down interview with our subject to kind of do a wrap-up.

Unfortunately by the time I’ll be done with tomorrow’s shoot, I’ll have another engagement that will take me past the deadline so I guess I’ll just have to recount that shoot in next blog’s post. With this and some other crazy deadlines, I foresee a sleepless week culminating in Dillo Day next week. In the likely case I’ll sound incoherent, I hereby apologize in advance.