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As I stated when I first began this blog for my documentary class, I hoped to make this blog a regular one once my documentary was finished and the class had concluded. Well, seems like something has definitely come into my life to make for a new, interesting topic. I’ll still post about random, intriguing things (a food post is coming up), but this and my upcoming internship will provide some consistency for this blog.

So why the harsh post title? Well, I’m being sued. Since it is an ongoing case and because I value my privacy, I won’t be giving too many details, but here’s the gist: two years ago I accidentally rear-ended this old woman because she made a sudden stop. The impact was slight and at a very low speed. Damages on both cars added together were estimated to be less than $800. About nine months later I get sued. She claims lots and lots of damages and physical injuries. OH YES, my tiny fender-bender (and no fenders were even damaged!) caused SOOOOO many injuries. Apparently all her previous car accident injuries plus non-auto accident injuries are now my fault.

Somewhat unbeknownst to me, while I’ve been away at college my lawyer’s been going through the processes of trying to settle, but mediation didn’t work (she was apparently belligerent) and now it seems like this minor traffic accident is going to trial. So today I went downtown for my deposition. The plaintiff’s lawyer was incredibly antagonistic and rude during the whole thing. Mind you this was a telephonic deposition. His tone was insulting and unpleasant and he kept on trying to frame questions so to lead me to seem like I must have hit her really hard and to make me seem like I was confused and didn’t know anything. Dude’s name is Marcus Fernandez. My dear Tampa friends, if you ever see this smug guy around, feel free to make some remarks in line with the title of this post.

That’s all that happened today but I can definitely say now that this will be quite a learning experience. Time to see what I learned in my Law in the Political Arena class last year in practice. I’ll be keeping tabs on the lawsuit on this blog in the coming months. The incident was more than two years ago. The lawsuit has been ongoing for more than a year and a half. Who knows how long it could last? All I have to say is, lady whose name and privacy I will protect for now, I am not your retirement fund and you, and your lawyer who knows this is a frivolous lawsuit, are the scum of the world.

Oh deus ex machina, where are thou? (For those more cartoon-inclined, where is that falling piano?)