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Did I know that this blog was going to fall into an abyss of neglect once school started again? Yep. Did I ever think I was going to be this busy this quarter? Absolutely not. Somehow it seems like there’s just no time in my schedule this quarter. But that’s hardly the point of this post.

I wanted to announce to the world, especially those who have been following my legal journey, that my case has been settled! Yes, dear blogosphere, you get to know before even my parents, whom I can’t seem to reach, that my lawsuit is over. Sweet. Catch up on the scum of the world who sued me and other happenings in the case. I promise those are much more interesting and juicy than this celebration.

It’s kind of crazy, actually, that the lawsuit got settled today. I was just talking to my lawyer this morning around 10 about how the trial dates conflicted with my finals. Then around 3 p.m. I got a call from him telling me that the other side accepted the settlement and that the case is over. Hooray! As my lawyer tells it, the other side’s lawyer seemed to realize that they weren’t going to win and had to push his client to just accept the settlement and stop wasting everybody’s time. The case will be officially dismissed soon.

Back to my crazy life now — I promise the next post will be much more like my usual ones. Until next time.