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Rant of the Day (wrote this while at the airport this morning):


Dear Southwest Airlines,

Today was supposed to be a busy day. Well, it’s now even busier. So how exactly do I have the time to sit and write this letter? Because I’m currently sitting at baggage claim waiting for my bag. I’m sitting, sitting, sitting. Just keep sitting, just keep sitting, you tell me. No. Currently I don’t know if my bag will be here in 25 minutes or if I need to wait another 2 hours. Either way, I’m not happy.

Now, I’m not completely blaming you for this. Perhaps I should have arrived at the airport another hour earlier. It would have probably been smart of me to do so, because I certainly did not foresee the massive line at the Southwest counter this morning. I mean, really, it’s not a huge deal or anything. I only stood in that line for, like, half an hour.

My issue with today is all in the service that I received, or rather, did not receive. While in that aforementioned line, I asked a Southwest employee about my situation.  I told him that my flight was leaving at 6:40 and asked if my baggage would still be able to make it. This was around 5:55.  He said, ya, ya, you should be fine getting on. I get to the ticket kiosk (finally) and the little thing goes beep beep when I put in my confirmation number, telling me that my luggage check was late and therefore may or may not be able to make it on the plane. And here is what set me off. The lady behind the counter gave me the bitchiest answer when I asked if my bag was going to get on the plane. And then she literally just ignored me when I tried to ask another question. She just walked away. Bitch.

On the plane the service was okay, but still definitely below the standards I’ve seen in Southwest. We did, however, arrive 15 minutes early (oh, you know, in that 15 minutes my luggage would have made it on). Once we got off (we as in my friend who happened to also be on the flight), we rushed to the baggage claim, where we saw the strangest baggage claim situation ever. There were only 10-12 bags on the conveyor belt for a flight that was completely packed. Apparently no one else checked luggage…while flying on an airline with a free bags policy.

After waiting for about 20 minutes, we went to Baggage Services to get some help. Yet instead of helping us, the lady in the baggage claim told us that she couldn’t help us and to go ask other employees outside. Then she went back to chatting on the phone. The people outside were a little better, but then they told us to go back to the woman in Baggage Services. Talk about avoiding service. But by this time we knew our bags hadn’t made it on. We had to wait either an hour or two and a half. Yippee.

Now this whole situation is a whole lot better than the crazy weather problems thousands faced the past few weeks, but still, I’m losing faith in Southwest because the service was so poor.

Five minutes until possibility number 1. If this fails, hope is lost and I’ll be enjoying the marvelous scenery of this airport for a few more hours.

Sincerely your Rapid Rewards member who flies Southwest all the time and really wants her bag,



For those who care to know, our bags didn’t arrive on the 9:50 so we had to wait for the 11:30 flight and the luggage from that flight took half an hour to get on the belt. I did get some work done on my story though 🙂

[Updated 1/4/11 at 8:29 a.m. – Apparently my friend and I were not the only people to have to deal with this or some sort of worse luggage situation these past few days. Multiple other people I know also had baggage problems with Southwest. Go figure.]