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[Update! Classes cancelled for the first time in more than four decades. People went crazy and I think the adrenaline is actually making them crazy — they’re voluntarily and enthusiastically going out in  the blizzard to “experience” it and play in it. Ya…I’m really good with not experiencing it.]

I haven’t left my house since 11:30 a.m. today, which is when I got back from my first class of the day. In fact, I’ve pretty much been perched on one of the window sills in the living room since then. If you walk by my house, you would be able to see a silhouette of me smack dab in the middle of the windows. My back is facing the windows (obviously — I mean, who sits with their face right up to a window?), so I guess it’s a good thing no one wants to assassinate me, or none that I know of.

But I digress and return instead to the snowpocalypse. I refuse to leave the house until this blizzard is over. (That said, should classes not be cancelled, I do need to go turn in papers and take a midterm tomorrow. But I’m banking on cancellation.) It’s bad out here in Chicagoland. Schools and universities are calling snow days for the first time in decades and I’ve seen people literally fighting the winds to prevent from getting blown over. Speaking of the wind, it’s so strong that every time a forceful gush comes (and it’s like every one or two minutes), our front door receives so much pressure that it literally groans. It’s driving everyone in the house absolutely crazy. We’re expected to get 20 inches by end-of-day tomorrow and winds are in the 50 mph – 60 mph range here by Lake Michigan. Not exactly conditions I want to be out in. [In other words, dear university, cancel those classes tomorrow! All other area colleges already have.]

I’ve heard some people say that this isn’t all that bad. Well, if you’re cousins with Jack Frost and the Abominable Snowman, then great for you. I’ve spent most of my life between California and Florida and as far as I’m concerned, this is bad. With the winds and all, it’s like a hurricane, except a whole lot colder!

I haven’t been out today while it was snowing so I don’t have great pictures, but I figured I’d post at least one here. [That layer of glass really cuts down on capturing what the storm is really like.]

And speaking of pictures, I know I’ve been quite delinquent in posting my a picture a day project. It’s just been a really busy past month. What I’ve realized in this month is that I really want to use this as an opportunity to chronicle my year instead of seeking out cool stuff to take pictures of or taking super artistic shots. After all, it is meant to be a sort of time capsule for me. For everyone else, if you’re interested, great. If not, oh well. These pictures capture some element of my day. Sometimes they have an interesting story behind them, sometimes not. Some days it was really hard for me to pick which picture to post, while other days I literally took pictures of the most random and boring things ever. I got desperate. Sometimes I chose to put in pictures that had the most interesting story of the day, even if the quality and composition were terrible. I should also note that only pictures I personally take count so more than likely there will be no pictures of me in this album. Oh, and everything so far is taken on a LG Renoir phone (since I’m camera-less at the moment), so quality varies depending on the circumstances.

And just a few other things about these pictures:

– people look at you really strangely when you pull out a camera (even if it’s a camera phone) in random places where people don’t really take pictures

– you become a little bit obsessive about taking pictures of everything…and nothing.

Here’s the Facebook photo album. Revel in my January.