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Today marks my last full day in Evanston for at least a little while.

Tomorrow morning I’ll be heading out to the airport to get myself to Montana.

I’m incredibly excited to be interning at KULR-8 in Billings. I know many people have looked at me with incredulity when I said I pref’d Billings over possibilities in Miami, Chicago and Austin, but market #170 will give me the opportunity to be so much more hands-on. That said, leaving means another round of goodbyes.

I’m always jealous of the people updating their Facebook statuses saying that they’re HOME! or GOING HOME IN 4 DAYS! or other such exclamations of joyous reunions with family and friends. I’m not sure when I’m going home – it won’t be for another three months at the least and probably more like five. And who knows which home that will be.  In fact, I’m not even sure where home is anymore. I seem to move every three months or so – I might as well as never unpack and just live out of suitcases and boxes.

Over the past two weeks I’ve had to say so many hard goodbyes, starting with the hardest one at Union Station. Tomorrow I may be repeating that goodbye during my layover at Denver. It’s been incredibly difficult to say goodbye to so many people I see daily and to so many others that I don’t see all the time because I’ve been so busy.

If I had written this post Wednesday night or yesterday as I had planned to, the contents would probably have been slightly different. But this afternoon I got an internship offer that will bring me back to Chicagoland much sooner than I had previously expected. I won’t specify where yet since I’m still waiting on a written offer, but it’s an amazing opportunity that I am so fortunate to have been picked for and am so incredibly excited for.

I’m not sure about anything anymore except that there’s a whole world of opportunities in front of me. I guess this blog post is really me saying that I have a hard time saying goodbye.

Good night, world.

Goodbye, Evanston.