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No, this has absolutely nothing to do with Rebecca Black.

Fridays are my Mondays. I currently work Fridays through Tuesdays, with Wednesdays and Thursdays as my weekends, and frankly, it’s become a little bit confusing. My sense of time is warped, and anytime someone asks me what day of the week it is, I sound like an idiot who’s always 3 days off.

It’s probably not the most ideal schedule to have if it was permanent at a place where I have an active social life, but since I don’t really know anyone outside of work here in Billings and can only occasionally go out with them since I work weekends, it’s not a big deal. In fact, it’s really nice to get more experience on the weekends and avoid crowds on my weekends. And frankly, I think I much prefer this schedule to the one that I’ll have in a couple of months when I’ll be on a morning shift. As excited as I am about that opportunity, the thought of getting up at 4 a.m. to hop on the train isn’t exactly the most pleasing.

Anyway, a couple of other things about Montana that I forgot to mention or didn’t realize earlier.

1) The entire state has only one area code: 406. No wonder people looked at me strangely or gave me some attitude on the phone whenever I would start with the area code when giving them my number at work.

2) Billings has officially beat Bloomington-Normal as the least diverse place I’ve ever lived. The city is about 92% white. It is also the first place I’ve ever lived where Native Americans are the biggest minority at about 5%. Hispanics/Latinos, African Americans and Asian Americans make up for less than one percent each.

3) Montana has the coolest races ever [I realized that considering #2, this might seem to be an addendum about race and ethnicity, but it’s really about athletic races.] I mean, where else do you get triathlons that have skiing or paddling as one of the legs (in place of swimming)?

And some other thoughts I wanted to share that have absolutely nothing to do with Montana and/or each other:

1) The Tea Party is scarrrrry. I covered one of their rallies the other day and despite my own political leanings, I felt like I was hearing anarchists [which is in itself an oxymoron] or fundamentalists.

2) James Bond must have a lot of STDs. I mean, seriously, the guy pretty much sleeps around all the time.

3) EV1 is a giant black hole of your booze money in college. And so is the Evanston liquor tax.

4) Can you use lamps to trick plants into growing into a certain direction? Because I’m tired of turning my herbs everyday so they can reach for the sun without growing crooked and swaying to one side.

5) Why are you still reading my random thoughts? My pictures are much more interesting. [BTW this is probably my most pointless post yet, except maybe for this election one, so sorry if this was your introduction to Lookingglass.]