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In the past few weeks, southeastern Montana has been subjected to multiple rounds of severe flooding and two tornadoes. A third strike also hit Billings when a house exploded due to a gas line problem (cause still under investigation).

In these times of disaster, I have witnessed so many selfish people. Individuals who just wanted to help themselves. People who were mad because we didn’t organize a donations drive for their area after we organized one for people in the hard-hit Lodge Grass area (news alert: we’re a TV station, not a food bank). Others who could think of nothing except to criticize how we didn’t cover their area…except we did…she was just so busy being self-centered and critical that she didn’t actually watch the part of the news that covered her area.

But I’ve also seen the greatness and kindness of neighbors helping each other. So many times. People who go out of their way to help their neighbors save their homes, people who help their neighbors with less means, people who help strangers from hundreds of miles away. It’s been a reminder of the wonderful nature of people.

It will be a bittersweet departure when I leave tomorrow, but I guess there are two sides to every situation.

So in honor of KULR-8…

Top 8 Reasons Why I’ll Miss Montana (in no particular order):

1. I can no longer listen to country whenever I want on the radio and without people giving me weird looks.

2. There will no longer be a reasonable use for my cowboy hat and riding boots. Too bad they were in Florida while I was here anyway.

3. It’s called Big Sky Country for a reason. I hope to be able to see over at least one skyscraper when I’m back in Chicago.

4. Going out on an amazing stories every day at work and meeting such a mishmash of people.

5. No sales tax. I’m not looking forward to paying taxes on everything, including food, in Chicago.

6.  The great outdoors is so much more exciting than the concrete jungle.

7. Traffic-less roads…well, most of the time…outside the city.

8. I love seeing wildlife everywhere.

Top 8 Reasons Why I’m Excited to Head Back to Chicago (again, in no particular order):

1. Friends! I’m so excited to see my friends again. Plus my best friends from home are coming to visit!

2. GYM!!! I’ve gotten so out of shape while I’ve been in Montana.

3. Food Network at the gym. That is all.

4. Public transportation so I can actually get places.

5. I can’t lie: Chicago bars and clubs.

6. Chicago in the summer. All the festivals and free concerts, and most importantly, Chicago SummerDance.

7. Argentine Tango classes.

8.  No more roaming on my cell = no more dropped calls for no reason.

Peace out Montana. It’s been real.