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Favorite deal of the day for your favorite chef: a 16-jar Lazy Susan spice jar that comes with 5 years of free refills.

Favorite new food-related hobby: chasing food trucks.

  • Hunted:  5411 Empanadas (3/5 only because they ran out of other vegetarian options and I only got to try the sweet corn, which was good but not savory enough. Next time I really want to get the caramelized onions and spinach & cheese. And then I suspect my score will go up to 5/5. (Updated July 22, 2011: Tried the spinach & cheese at Truckin’ Thursdays at Ethyl’s Beer and Wine Dive and it was incredible! So much savory goodness leaving me wanting more.)
  • Hunted: Flirty Cupcakes (3/5: Delicious cupcakes – I had the Raspberry Chocolate one – but at $3.25+tax a pop, the burning hole in my wallet added a strange taste to the otherwise orgasmic gastronomic experience.)
  • Still on the Run: Gaztro-Wagon (I’ve been dying, absolutely dying, to try the lobster creations and roasted mushroom sandwiches that they serve. Meat-eaters: they have wild boar, lamb, duck, and all sorts of other hearty sandwiches for you. Their Twitter handle is wherezthewagon, and sometimes I do wonder where the wagon is. I get all their tweets pushed to my cell but am rarely in the area to go chase them down.)
  • Still on the Run: Tamale Spaceship (Two guys wearing Mexico superhero masks and serving you tamales? If not for the food, I’m going to chase it down for the experience.)
  • Still on the Run: Ste Marten (This gourmet vegan food truck has been out of commission for the past few weeks. Fortunately it’s finally back on the road as of a few days ago.)
Have suggestions for me? Let me know of other trucks that have food edible to a pescetarian and I’ll see if I’m interested in chasing them down.
Meanwhile, follow Chicago Food Trucks for the latest news in the business. (Truckin’ Thursdays start this week!)

Off to Argentine Tango now.