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I subscribe to the philosophy that experience can’t be earned if no one provides the opportunity. Sure, one should be proactive and seek out new possibilities, but in every interaction, there has to someone else willingly receiving the product. Mark Zuckerberg could still be a reject if it weren’t for the millions who reacted and signed up for Facebook.

I’m incredibly thankful to have been the 2011 AAJA-Chicago Linda Yu Broadcast Scholarship winner. I can’t quite pinpoint why Nancy chose me over all the applicants (you’ll have to ask her about that). I would say it was because of my experience at KULR-8, the NBC affiliate in Billings, Montana, but I was awarded the scholarship the day before I fly to Montana for that internship. Perhaps it was my cover letter, or maybe my social media experience. Regardless, I’ve had an amazing learning experience during my internship at WGN-TV.

I won’t repeat everything I wrote in my guest post on Nancy’s Big Tiny World blog, which you can read yourself here, but I hope to not disappoint anyone I’m met during my tenure at WGN and one day express my gratefulness by extending the opportunity to another aspiring journalist.

So thank you Nancy, thank you AAJA-Chicago, thank you Ameet Sachev (current president of the chapter), and thank you Linda Yu, even though I never had the chance to meet you.

Even though I’m no longer the Big Tiny Intern, I’ll always be here as well as at my website, on Facebook, via Twitter, and sometimes Google+.

Off to the airport now.