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When I was little, my friends and I used to play in the canyon behind our community. Train tracks ran through one part of the canyon, although trains didn’t come often. Those that did were always cargo trains and never passenger trains. (It took a while to convince myself that passenger trains existed in Southern California.)

If we happened upon a train coming, we would always place coins on the tracks so the train could flatten them when it went by. It always amused us and we were too young to understand that it could have been quite dangerous.

Since those days the tracks have come to have negative associations of too many hours spent commuting. And while I do occasionally still put coins on tracks, nowadays I rarely have that opportunity to while hours away by the tracks. But today I decided to walk the tracks for a little bit.

There’s something soothing about walking down abandoned tracks. With tracks still in use, of course, I have to be much more careful. I’m a cautious person to the max and I would never do anything to hurt myself. That didn’t stop one man waiting at the station to hold his breath the entire time I was on the tracks though.

I can’t remember which movie or show this scene was from, it might even have been a book, but in it the girl stands on the tracks as a train comes rushing toward her. The guy keeps on telling her to stop being stupid and get off the tracks. At the last minute he runs over and pushes her out of the way of the train. The scene ends by him angrily asking her what in the world she was thinking. And she says, “Did you think I was serious about it? It’s just a thrill.”

It’s just a thrill, people.

This is my message and my apology to having alarmed those who understand the subtleties in this. For everyone else, do not try this at home. (Ha. But no really, just read this as another post.)