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I took thousands upon thousands of photos during my time abroad, trying to capture not only the beauty of what I saw during my travels but also the essence of those trips. As I’m going through a withdrawal phase at the moment, I thought it would be appropriate to feature some of the best photos, carefully selected from those thousands.

Some of these photos were picked for their photographic technique, others for their pure beauty, and yet others simply because they struck me in one way or another. They were taken with a Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS10, a slightly-better-than-average point-and-shoot. It did not have any manual controls, however, so most of the time I tried to use angling, lighting and composition to make up for the lack of camera techniques. Except for the rare use of cropping or sepia/B&W coloring, these photos were not edited. Panoramas were, of course, stitched together using computer software.

In this collection, with the exception of one from Lyon, the photos are from various cities and communes in provincial southern France. I hope they bring a little bit of my experience to you.

I have included them both as a gallery and a slideshow to allow each viewer to peruse the photos in their preferred method, so feel free to click around. Comments and suggestions are appreciated. Thank you and enjoy.

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If you want to use any of the photos for any purpose, please ask first. They’re all copyrighted as part of this blog. Plus it wouldn’t be nice and i’d be less inclined to continue posting for this series if you just took them without permission. [edit: photos have been recently watermarked and re-uploaded.]