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A year ago today I made the resolution to chronicle my year in pictures. What a year 2011 has been for me.

It was the most drastically different year of my life. New Year’s didn’t include the annual party. Friends and family were rare sightings due to my constant moving. Halloween didn’t involve costumes or parties. Christmas lacked the music and the spirit. Airports and train stations became old friends, and I would be getting freebies at UPS if they had a customer loyalty card.

But 2011 was also the best year of my life. In this year I lived in 5 different cities and traveled to many more. I worked at two TV stations and went to two universities. I had the opportunity for so many new experiences and also reflected on past occasions. I made new friends and lost touch with others. I found and lost love and learned from it. I learned so much about other cultures and my own. I learned to live out of a suitcase but also to appreciate home much more.

2011 has been good to me. I suppose I can always look back on the year I was 21, and say, what a year that was. And of course, now I also have the photographic memory of it (along with thousands of other photos from my travels this year).

I suppose you say this was a Project 365, but unlike others I had no intention of making my album a gallery of great photographs nor making each photograph represent each day. Rather, it was my way of capturing one little thing each day. I admit that on certain days, especially during the latter half of the year, it became a chore to take a picture of something, so sometimes I would just pick something random. And on traveling days, I would often prefer to keep the best photographs for my other albums and leave the second-rate ones for this (sorry). As for keeping the resolution, I missed maybe 3 or 4 days in total.

1.1.11 Didn’t know I’d be saying goodbye to Florida and returning to California, but how appropriate to start the year with a bottle of Californian wine.

1.10.11 Alpha Chi Omega lyre love.

2.13.11 Valentine’s Day weekend.

3.23.11 In Montana for my residency.

4.12.11 Sadly it was a fatal fire, but it led to my first live breaking news segment.

5.22.11 Epic flooding in Montana – what an experience both personally and professionally.

6.12.11 Exploring America’s beauty: the snow-covered Beartooth Highway (Montana/Wyoming) in the middle of June.

6.21.11 Chasing food trucks! My obsession of the summer that lead to a cover story on WGN. http://bit.ly/Oer1vG

6.24.11 First day out in the field for a summer of learning and new experiences with my mentor Nancy Loo (WGN).

7.13.11 My favorite Wednesday after-work plans: chasing down a food truck and then spending the rest of the day at the Art Institute of Chicago.

7.18.11 Love in the form of tango. Argentine.

8.22.11 Getting oriented in Montpellier, France, and getting ready for four months of incredible experiences.

9.18.11 Zurich, Switzerland, the land of my papa. The first of many adventures in Europe.

10.27.11 Indulging myself in the art and architecture (and gelato) of Italy.

11.25.11 Morocco – a trip of learning not just about different cultures, but also about people and friendships.

12.23.11 Last full day in France. It was the time of my life.

12.31.11 Everything comes full circle. It’s only right to now enjoy a bottle of French wine in California to end the year.

Thank you, 2011, for everything. Bring it on, 2012.

The full list of cities where the One-A-Day photographs were taken:

Tampa, Chicago, Evanston, Lyndon, Champaign-Urbana, Billings, Laurel, Red Lodge, Huntley, Boyd, Roundup, Crow Agency, Beartooth Highway, Gardiner, Waukegan, Niles, Sacramento, Davis, San Francisco, Houston, Montpellier, Nimes, Carcassonne, Grau-du-Roi, Palavas, Geneva, Lausanne, Luzern, Zurich, Basel, Saint-Jean-de-Vedas, Sete, London, Windsor, Cucugnan, Anduze, Sommiers, Liverpool, Conway, Rome, Florence, Milan, Paris, Fes, Azrou, Avignon, Laverune, Barcelona, Goose Bay
The following present a rough outline was key events of this year. Should you want to see all the photos, they are available in two albums on Facebook.