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I’m not eating for three days. Yes, you read that right. And yes, I may be crazy at attempting this.

I’m that person who:

– wakes up at 6 a.m. on a Saturday morning not because I have anything I have to do, but because I’m starving

– walks into a ballet conditioning boot camp class, and the instructor asks, “Oh, is that a NYC Ballet shirt you’re wearing?” Not quite. It was a NYC Bagel Deli shirt, very representative of my priorities in life.

– finds calm while stressed or angry by cooking, baking, and eating, and spends hours looking for new recipes to try (and most likely modify)

– chases down food trucks, quite literally, even on the hottest days of summer

I’m also that person who, despite being a pescetarian, doesn’t really like salads and will rarely have a salad as a main course (the shrimp louie salad at Disney California Adventure a scrumptiously huge exception). I don’t really like raw food in general; I prefer mine cooked, well-cooked. And so you ask, what have I gotten myself into?

I’m a believer that life is full of experiences. There are a lot of fringe activities such as juice cleanses or Bikram yoga, and while I may not enjoy all of them, there are certainly many I wouldn’t mind trying.

This juice cleanse came to me via a fun little scavenger hunt hosted by DealsGoRound, and since it was essentially free, I decided to have a go at it. After all, I’ll probably never have the chance to experiment with this for free again (the average 3-day cleanse costs around $200). And frankly, after five weeks of traveling, which inevitably means lots of restaurants, and ten weeks of frequent diner digs while reporting before that, my body could use a detox.

Lineup of the 6 juices per day, in the order you’re supposed to drink them.


I went and picked up my juices (18 in total, 6 per day, 16 oz. each) from Peeled this morning and immediately started the cleanse with the Green Lantern drink, which consists of kale, romaine lettuce, spinach, cucumber, parsley, celery, lemons, ginger, and apples. While the ingredients are all foods I eat on a regular basis, it was incredibly hard to take in. The Cayenne Lemonade, being lemonade and having been sweetened with organic maple syrup, was much easier to drink. The third juice is the Maroon Five. Its main ingredient is beets, which I absolutely love both raw and cooked. But there’s just too much ginger in this drink, which also includes carrots, lemon, and apple, for me to drink without gagging. I’m currently chugging through today’s second bottle of this and I have to alternate it with water in order to continue. I haven’t gotten to the Cashew Milk yet, but frankly that’s the only one I’m looking forward to. It’s got cashews, dates, vanilla, agave, and spices. Hopefully it’ll actually be delicious!

I’m supposed to drink lemon water and green tea between each bottle, and I’m so thankful I picked a green tea that also had pomegranate and cranberry flavors. Otherwise I might go crazy with these nasty tastes. So far I haven’t really been hungry much, but I do miss the delicious flavors and spices of what would have been my meals today. It’s super hard to stay focused on this when my roommates make lunch or dinner. I take a few extra breaths during meal times so I can try to trick my sensory system into thinking that what I’m consuming is tasty. This is going to take a lot of will and determination, especially since I’ve already had second thoughts, so words of encouragement from juicers (and anyone else) is welcome!

I’ll update on how the cleanse went if I’m still alive by the end of day 3. If nothing else, I’ll be extremely hydrated for the next 2 days.