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In the past three weeks I’ve watched every episode of How I Met Your Mother. Yep, starting from the pilot up until last season’s finale (about which I’m kind of irritated – the We’re All In Love With Robin factor has been played out so much, just let Quinn be at the altar!).

Let’s back up for a minute. The thing is, I rarely watch sitcoms unless I get to start from the beginning. Otherwise I feel like I’m missing out on too many inside jokes and past story arcs to really truly enjoy the show. And so faced with a Netflix trial and really no great movies to stream, I decided to start watching HIMYM from the beginning.

I had only watched three or four episodes before, I believe from seasons 5 or 6, and boy did starting from the pilot make a difference. Despite its sometimes illogical processes, the character development in HIMYM is wonderful for a sitcom. The crazily logical mind I possess has a hard time accepting all of the hugely exaggerated episodes of their lives, but alas, that is why I’m no creative scriptwriter. As crude and ridiculous as the show can be, it still works wonderfully because it hits the poignant moments in our lives – Marshall’s father’s sudden death, Barney’s inability to come to terms with his dad following their reunion after three decades, Lily’s difficult relationship with her mother-in-law, Robin’s eternal balancing act between friendships and romantic relationships, Ted’s struggle of following his dreams versus settling for a career…

But back to the crudeness for a moment, which brings me to the title of this post. If the show was called “How I Met Your Father,” and the genders of the protagonists were switched, the show wouldn’t work in our society filled with double standards. Let’s take Marshall and Lily out of the equation since the gender switch there wouldn’t change much. A female Ted would be seen as a clingy, hopeless romantic; no one would feel bad for a male Robin constantly needing to choose between profession/independence and love; and undoubtedly everyone would call a female Barney a whore instead of just laughing at his ridiculous sexual escapades. There’s no need to even go into the countless stupid women that have fallen prey to Barney’s Playbook (actually, a count would be fascinating).

There’s talk that season 8 will be the final season when it returns in September (or it could be the second to last season – apparently there are two plot lines). While I’m a little sad it could be over soon, I’m actually also really excited. Because I’ll finally be able to find out How Ted Met Their Mother.

Suggestions for the next series to tackle?