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I got back from my trip to China nearly two months ago, but I had so many things to do and so many photos to go through, it was only yesterday that I finally had time to finalize my selections for this post.

The reason for my trip was in northeastern China, where I learned so much about Manchu, the blissful yet difficult conditions of rural life, the wealth gap in China, and just how much China has changed yet again since I was there four years ago. But because I was in rural villages and working during much of my time in the northeast, the majority of these photographs actually come from my layovers in Beijing and a spontaneous trip to the central plains of China, historically the heartland of China.

And so this collection serves as a counter to my southern China photos, and I hope that one day soon I’ll finally get to visit the western frontier of China, where things are different culturally, linguistically, even physiologically.

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