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When I drove to Nebraska from California back in August, I essentially made a straight shot on I-80 East. And along the way, there were several very poignant moments that made me realize just how much I missed road tripping and how different each part of our country is.

It also made me realize how difficult it is for the small businessman in the metropolitan cities to understand the big farmer in the agricultural states, how far ahead on technology some parts of the country is versus others, how awfully long those semi drivers must drive all the time, and most importantly for this year, how hard it really is to choose a good leader for our country when it is so divided on so many different levels. Just a few thoughts to ponder.

The trip was to move me to Nebraska, and we were quite tight on time, so there weren’t any plans to sightsee. Stops were made only for gas, food, bathrooms, and lodging. Whoever wasn’t driving had a camera or cell phone camera in hand in case there was anything interesting, so excuse the dirty windshield and sometimes blurry photos. There’s only so much you can do at 85mph.

Here are a few photos I found to be of particular interest, pictures that say a little something about our nation, I-80 east, from California to Nebraska.

State of the Road. Too many semis.

Part of a pretty cool “junk decorations” motorcade near Reno, Nevada

 Just one of the hundreds of semis that accompanied us on our 1500-mile drive.

I guess my dad and I didn’t look very friendly? Because they asked everybody except us. The irony is, nobody else gave them any, and we probably would have.

– Casinos literally everywhere in Nevada (kind of like in Montana). It’s in complete contrast with Utah, where you can’t even buy a lottery ticket.

Bonneville Salt Flats west of Salt Lake City.

New favorite road sign. In case it’s a little difficult to read, it says: Prison Area. Hiking Prohibited.

Salt Lake Temple in where else? SLC

Livin’ the good life.

Oh, and hit 100k on August 19th!