On the 75th anniversary of the Rape of Nanjing, I bring back this post I wrote 2 1/2 years ago. I stand by it. Apologize Now.

Lookingglass: A Nomad on the Loose

This will be my most controversial post yet, perhaps the most controversial one I shall write this summer. It’ll cause a bit of criticism, perhaps some praise. There will be friends who will never view me the same again and there will be people I don’t know who’ll blast me for this.

I started this post on June 7, more than a month ago, and have since came back once to try to finish it. Crazy schedules, sickness and a whirlwind of other things have delayed this, but now I’m ready to finish.

When I began writing this, I was in the middle of watching “Ip Man.” I started watching it because it was a highly-rated movie on this site I use to watch movies (yes, criticize me all you want, but it’s faster and cheaper than Netflix.) [Turns out it’s one of the sites the government has just shut down in its appeasement…

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