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Every year I feel like there’s a month when I just disappear from blogging, and it’s usually during the winter months. I haven’t posted since before Christmas in part because I hadn’t really been inspired in any way. Winter in cold places just does that to me. I get into a slump and then it takes a few triggers to jump start me back into life.

This year’s slump lasted approximately 3 weeks. I barely cooked, I spent a lot of time watching shows I didn’t even like, and I just generally didn’t care. But then there was family, friends, new hobbies, exciting news, and most of all, hope.

Sometimes when you’re down, it’s the little things in life that matter. Seeing the tulips I planted start to poke their heads through the soil, hearing from a dear friend that he’s planning on proposing to his girlfriend soon, dusting off a little trinket I’d bought from a street vendor.

What inspires you?