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I have a rant, and it’s probably something most females have thought about.

It’s about eyelash curler refills.

Why is it that most brands and stores don’t sell eyelash curler refills? Why is it that 9 times out of 10 you have to buy an entirely new curler just to keep on curling your eyelashes? (Most eyelash curlers come with one or two refills pads, but rarely can you just buy the refills by themselves.)

Now of course I know that the economic reason is that companies want you to spend money on the entire eyelash curler. But that’s just terribly wasteful.

Never once have I ever had an eyelash curler break on me; instead, I’ve always had to buy new ones simply because I needed new refill pads. Just the other day I spent eight bucks on a new one. What am I going to do with my old one? The same thing I’ve done with all the other ones: throw it away. Because thus far I haven’t figured out what to do with a bunch of old eyelash curlers other than throw them away. (Abstract art, maybe?)

So if every woman throws away 2-4 eyelash curlers a year, then that means we have millions of them sitting in landfills. Millions and counting. Personally I’d rather have a world with less trash, and I’d be perfectly willing to pay about 80 percent of what eyelash curlers cost now and just buy the refills.

Bada bing! Time for a new business.

But seriously, when are we going to realize that sometimes the commercial gain isn’t worth the environmental destruction it’s causing? At this rate, one day there won’t be an earth on which we could do business.

So seriously. Just let me buy my eyelash curler refills. Separately.

The one I just bought. It sucks. Don't ever buy it.

The one I just bought. It sucks. Don’t ever buy it.