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And no, I’m not telling you who, what, when, where, or how things went. I just figured it’d draw your attention 😉

So how did I end up on more dates in one day than I’ve been on in the past year (Nebraska’s not exactly prime territory…)? OKCupid.

I’ve had close friends who’ve been doing online dating for two or three years now, including some with successful long-term relationships, but I’ve always been a little hesitant. I figured I was just in an odd spot because I was living in Nebraska. I mean, surely it couldn’t be too difficult to meet people in bigger cities. As it turns out, online dating is way more prevalent in bigger cities. And so with a push and nudge from a few friends, I finally signed up just before the new year.

When you think about it, online dating is both a positive and negative indicator of our society. It’s kind of sad that we are all so busy going about our own lives via our routines and within our friend groups that we seldom meet the very people surrounding us, that we live in a society which deems it strange to just randomly approach someone and start a conversation, unless it’s in a bar or at some social event. Yet it’s wonderful that we now have the technology to connect people who may have never otherwise met each other, especially because in the real world, most people tend to meet each other through mutual friends. (These apply to both romantic and platonic relationships.) There are also other pros and cons of online dating that researchers have found, but that’s another topic for another day.

But regardless of whether this experiment is successful for me in the romantic sense, I can already say that it’s been a fantastically fascinating experience. Perhaps it’s because of my background as a journalist or perhaps it’s just due to my innate curiosity, but I’m always fascinated by other people’s stories and experiences. And boy did I hear some stories on Saturday; pretty much made me miss my days of reporting.

So if you’ve been thinking about trying out online dating, today’s a good day to take a leap of faith. If nothing else, it’ll be an intriguing exercise on learning about different perspectives and meeting people from all walks of life.